When I Desire Many Things

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photo credit: Getty Images I learn about the most important things when I work in the kitchen. I learn about cooking, of course, but there are more important things I learn than just that.


I`ve told you before that my mom has this radio in the kitchen tuned in to only one station, running for the entire day. I don`t know the program schedule, I don`t even know who`s gonna speak but every time I would cook, I always hear about things that stays in my mind long after I`ve finished cooking.


Well, today… I learned about contentment. One of the hosts there told about her story of not being able to have a baby. Carmen told about the day she was dismissed from the hospital after an operation. The other women going home had babies in their laps. But her hands were empty.


Carmen said she and her husband were happy being just with each other`s company. She was laughing the whole time but you know that deep in her heart she longs to have a baby of her own. One day she told his husband she was not privileged of seeing the baby look like him.


Carmen believes that because of what she had to go through, God had enabled her to comfort others who are not having children, just like her. She said it was not easy and she didn`t want to make it sound easy. It is a struggle. But she trusts God because He fills the void in her life.


Many times, I do complain about many things. I wish I could have this, I wish could have that. If only I had a better house, more clothes, a bigger salary. If only I was born rich. Every desire could run in your head if you would only start to look in what you lack in life.


But then again, we should be content and see the brighter side of things, the blessings we have everyday.


I may not drive the latest BMW and I may not go to the most expensive school.


But God is enough.


He satisfies.


When I desire many things.

When I couldn`t have them all.

When He couldn`t give me the desires of my heart just yet.


He is enough.

He satisfied me.

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  1. Hey i love this post. I was your follower back on NETWORKED BLOGs in facebook. Anyway.. yes contentment as we speak...

    It's really hard for human sane to find contentment, because most people look for that on things (materialistic) and people's desire for things are never ending.. So..

    have a nice day.. nice sharing

  2. @Kamila Thanks, Kamil! Yeah, there`s an endless list of things we want for ourselves...whether material, or power, or fame. But in the end, we live a happier life if we focus on what we have instead of what we don`t, right? ;) Thanks for dropping by! God bless!

  3. hi cath! i love this one.. i can't imagine myself not having a baby with all the pressure from everyone. Anyways I feel like i really needed to hear these words straight from you i hope we could meet sometime.--nashee

  4. @Anonymous Nash! The baby comes when it comes! haha No need to be pressured! ;)I just thought right now that we really have to let God give us the "gifts" we so desire in His own time and allow Him to surprise us. ;) Miss you, girl!



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