Sisterhood: 1,000 Gifts

7:48 PM

Photo Credit: Getty Images This morning, Ava and I went out of the house early to do some errands in the bank and supermarket.


I really thank God for supermarket time. Going to the grocery store every week is something I really look forward to. I love preparing food for my sisters and parents. I love shopping and picking vegetables and think


And all these things are even more fun because I share them with my sisters.


I know I`ve never been a perfect older sister and sometimes, like other siblings, my sisters and I fight over petty things. But I`m so grateful to God for the relationship we have built and shared over the years. Our secrets. Our struggles. I don`t think there is anything anymore that we could hide from each other. And I`ve learned that even if I`m older, I still need the wisdom of my younger sisters. Both Ava and Viola had been my best friend and accountability partners—both inspiring and helping me grow in my walk with the Lord.


Anyway, here`s my thank you list this week. Thankful not only for my sisters and parents but also for my relatives whom I got to see over a niece`s birthday part.


11. For awesome bonding time with Ava this morning at the bank, supermarket, and UK.

12. Heart to heart talk with Viola and Ava last Saturday. We cried together! Haven`t happened in a while. ;)

13. Painting in church is almost done! My first interior design project!

14. Tito Mando…for heading the paint job in church. Very creative and his ideas always blew my mind!

15. Dancers for the opening number next Friday! Never knew we had dancers in the youth group! You always have to open your eyes `cause God is moving.

16. Oktober Praise last Friday. I love seeing Christians coming together to worship.

17. Met friends from Cornerstone in Oktober Praise! I didn`t realize I miss Mon, Kuya Ymer, Philip and the others that much!

18. Mama`s understanding and caring for me and my sisters. She loves us so much!

19. Kuya Joel. He`s a blessing. Invited us again for a meeting of all youth leaders from Novaliches tomorrow night.

20. Kuki`s coming over again to church tomorrow to practice with Ava for acoustic night.

21. Althea`s Dedication. Got to see cousins I`ve never seen in years. Missed them badly.


22. For the things I have in life. I realized I living comfortably after walking the streets close to the river a few minutes from our house.

23. Ara, Ferdie, Jessica and Honey. They`re really like family.

24. Mon making our picture with Ava and Viola his profile picture. Thankful for the friendship even if we had to be away.

25. Kimchi and beef stew for dinner tonight! Yummy!


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