14 Days to Love Story!

5:58 AM

Yesterday, my hands were really full with all scripts to write, program to finalize, and people to contact. But God really is amazing and he brings people (or things) that reminds you to put that smile on your face `cause He is always there to bring brighter days.


Guest Invites Final


It`s so bad I don`t have a picture, but Kuki came over to the sanctuary to practice Ava`s songs for Love Story. He`ll be playing guitar with her.



(Viola and Kuki in Cambodia last summer. Sorry didn`t have a relevant photo. They`ll kill me for this. haha)


I was thinking it was just an ordinary day, ordinary rehearsal. But God fills our days with pretty surprises when we least expect it. We had a great time laughing the whole day over everything.


It`s so cool because they also decided that Kuki would sing with Ava and Honey and I were giggling because their voices sounded great together.


We were singing with them and never stopped eating! I loved the dumplings, congee, and spring rolls! Mom was asking as to buy this and that and then Jessica came bringing a lot of chips for us to munch on.


Kuki will be back next Tuesday and we couldn`t wait.


Kyle, who will be hosting with me on Acoustic Night also left me a message on Facebook and his excitement is contagious! I also couldn`t wait for Love Story!


Acoustic night is fast approaching, and although we are nervous, we know that God has greater things in store. So excited.

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