Kids Church Interior Ideas

8:14 PM

A couple of weeks ago, my dad and I were  talking about how to get a new make-over for the church and we went on talking about lights, and flooring, a new stage and everything else `cause there`s really nothing yet, since we just moved into a new building and the space we`re renting happened to be an old clinic. The walls are light beige and everything is so bare and there`s really a lot of work to do.
Well, I`ve researched a bit and found out the we`ve got really cool Filipino interior designers and I`ve found an inspiration from Frederick Quesada. His Portfolio here. And I`m really loving his designs. His design for Twilo is a perfect inspiration for the kids church.114965_GsU1EM6KFllsBX_k5atFJsM9y114965_hr2yYd2JiiJ6liAEOo66Ag7OQ
1. Big Tree—I posted on Twitter before that I`m excited about putting up a giant tree but I still didn`t know what material to use. Ate Kathy and I were thinking about making a little pixie forest with Christmas lights but I thought that was too much. And this one would just be enough. Cute yet it looks quite elegant..
2. Bible Characters Mural-- We`ve got a fine arts student in church and Viola too, who loves doing cartoons. Maybe they could team up and do the murals.
ft_playroom03_m2. Story telling Corner. I thought that having a storytelling corner with a couch would be great. Looks classic and like those on children`s shows.  Perhaps we would lay down a mat and the kids could sit right there. Great for Bible storytelling time.

ft_playroom10_mThis one`s from Martha Stewart and by the way, there are so many cool stuff over there: crafts, house design, tips, etc.
This painted mat is also from the website and would definitely look good.
3. Colorful Cabinets. Cabinets don`t have to boring. I found this colorful ideas for shelves. But I`m wondering which colors to pick!
zalf-kids-bedroom-1 zalf-kids-bedroom-blue   
4. Colorful Stuff. Actually, I was thinking of painting the wall plain and just put in colorful things like curtains, lamps, baskets, etc. and adding a bit of accents on the wall.
modern-cheerful-children-room-interior-design1kids-bedroom-colorful-themes-4-300x300 funky-furniture-bruehl-3
I hope  I`ll be able to put all my ideas together this week so I`ll be able to draw and submit my proposal to Papa. I`m also doing another proposal for the sanctuary`s design and it`s really a huge work—with all the budgeting and creativity I need to put together.
But this is really fun and exciting. See you soon!

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