Updates: After Not Blogging For A Month

3:33 PM

I haven`t written for like over a month now. And I`m terribly missing updating my blogs.
Today that I`m not in the office anymore, I`m spending my days resting at home. I guess, I`ll enjoy this for a month before I go on preparing for my future again. Some of you have known how stressful the past year had been for me with all the work and responsibilities I had. And I`m thankful that I have time now to take a break—just as I needed it.

Well, I`m still gonna write and once in a while, I`m still gonna do videos.   The girls and I had been talking about a lot of things—doing music videos for the songs they`ve composed and perhaps making short films out of film scripts I have written. But most probably, I`ll be writing a lot and will put into paper all the stories I have in mind.

The girls and I are also planning to do some T-shirt designs…and do some personalized made-to-order crafts—stuff which I really love doing when I was younger. They`re so much of a stress-reliever and why not make money of it?

I`m also enjoying my time with my cousins who are serving in church. They get to drop by our house to pick up the PNW line-up and I get to talk with them. I never got to do that until now and it`s just thrilling. Ferdie, June, and Adrian are such awesome kids and I`m happy on where they are now and where they`ll be in their walk with the Lord.

There are so much pretty things going on although we have to say goodbye for a little while to Ate Kathy. She`s gonna work in Abu Dhabi and will be leaving on the 22nd. I`m sure gonna miss her--badly.  But we know that God has plans, and whatever it is we can trust that he knows best. I`m just gonna miss seeing her on Sundays…and on weekdays…and her presence!

I told Micah about this, and a few closest friends that before Ava and I transitioned to Papa`s church, I was holding on a two or three people—that they`re around and that would make transitioning a lot easier. You know, the work to be done in JCOB is great and the challenge is greater than anything I have experienced in my whole life.  And when you think that there are people with you...you don`t feel alone. You feel like when these people are behind you, you can stand up and the uncertain times would be less frightening.
I held on to Ate Kat`s presence in church. With her around, I felt secure. She`s one of the youth leaders who are really inspiring me. And having her around is already security for me.  You know how I always dreaded being alone—or left alone. And learning that she will be leaving in less than a month after Ava and I moved in felt like crazy.

There were also a couple of people I held on to. And God just sends them away to work or move to another church. And I just felt like God is stripping me of things I`m holding on to other than Him. How I cried when I learned that these three people are leaving—to add up with me leaving my job at the office and all these uncertainties about my future.

But one thing I really learned is that we should always put our trust on the only One who promised to stand by us through everything that happens in our life.  We cannot hold on to people`s presence—that we will be secure if they are around. Our security should only lie on the fact that God is our source of life and He is always watching us, taking care of us, and loving us no matter where we are. Sure, life is uncertain. There may challenges that seem too big for us. But we should trust Him completely. If he brought us to face a giant, surely, He`s going to be with us and we`re never gonna be alone.

I just thank God because He is still not giving up on me. He`s not giving up to teach me about faith and about trusting Him. He wants me to know that I can trust Him and I can`t put my trust on things or people because everything in this world is temporary. So even if I wouldn`t see Ate Kat for the next couple of years, I`m still gonna stand up and face the challenge. Because I know God is with me and He will never leave me alone. If He orchestrated all these to happen, then he might just have something coming up. And he wants me to know that every good thing that`s gonna happen is all because of Him alone—because I should hold on to Him and not other people.

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