Pre-Father`s Day

9:50 PM

I wasn`t feeling so well today. It was so hot this afternoon and I got this terrible headache. I was dizzy and I was wondering if it was my migraine again, or if I just need a little more sleep. Well, I thought at first that I was hungry so  I ate a lot of rice crackers, egg crackers, noodle soup, and toasted mamon. ;)

Anyway, even if I got this headache… I still had to get up `case I promised to help my Mom and Dad pick little treats for the dads in church. Tomorrow is Father`s day! I told my dad I`m gonna make a video but I didn`t tell him what it`s gonna be like because the girls and I also want to surprise him. We brought him a card earlier…the same day we bought something for his birthday, and it was really cute and sweet. Well, I hope he finds it sweet and not think we`re too corny or whatever. :p

IMG_1811  IMG_1810

 IMG_1854 IMG_1933

IMG_1941 IMG_1944

Well, I`m so happy how this day turned out. Mom, Dad, and I got to eat together for dinner. We dropped by the girls to give them something for dinner `cause they`re sleeping over. I also got to chat a little with Ate Kat. Soooo sad she`s leaving next week. She`s gonna preach tomorrow. And I wish she could go with us to Ecopark—just to have a little bonding time.

I got to go now. Got to rest so I have to finish up everything that`s needed tomorrow. Goodnight! Catch you soon!

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