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It was Father`s Day and we got to honor our dads in church. We had a short slideshow and their kids pinned them the `Best Dad in the world` button and everyone was welling up with tears and it was a really emotional  time. When it was Viola`s turn, she could speak so much. All she said was that Papa was such a kind father and she goes on repeating the same lines. Papa is really a very kind father and I would go on and on if I would list down every good thing I can think about him.

I`m so happy Tito Mando came over together with his whole family. I`ve never seen him for like a couple of years now. Ate Aiz and Gladys were there too and we spoke about every story we could think of. Missed them so much. Ate Aiz is working in Makati and she goes home like only once a month and Gladys is also busy with school. She`s planning to go to med school when she finishes her degree in Biology. So we really had a lot of catching up to do. We asked Ate Aiz about her plans of getting married. She`s turning 26 next year, and if her boyfriend comes home from the Middle East, they might get married, she says.

It was also Ate Kat`s last Sunday in church. She`s leaving on Friday for Dubai and she might

be staying there for a couple of years. We`ll miss her badly. She was the speaker at yesterday`s service and she also had the chance to say goodbye to the congregation. Everyone was saddened and the girls were crying—including me. But we`re all happy for her. She said she waited for a long time for this and we`re happy that God has heard her prayers. Anyway, Papa assured her that everything will be the same; she will be welcomed and loved the same way when she left.

After the service, we went to visit Lola.

I got to speak with her for a little while and I was so amazed because her memory was like when she was younger. I asked her how she was feeling and she showed me that she`s having a hard time even to lift her feet because they were shaking. She`s also has to be connected to an oxygen tank everyday, even at home, because she can`t breath easily.

You know, my Lola and I never got so close. But I want to catch with the lost time. I am so amazed that even in her weak body, my Lola is still strong in her mind. And I realized that when people grow old, only their bodies grow old, but deep inside, they`re still the same person, they`re still the same old person who longs to be loved and to be listened to.

I just found out that my Lola is very nice to talk to. She can carry a good conversation and she`s fun! You should have seen how she smiled when we were walking away. I know she`s happy that we came.  I told my sisters that maybe twice a month, after church, we could go and visit her. I missed giving her flowers. I will bring some next time. ;) She`s always loved it when we would bring her flowers.

And now, after visiting Lola, we went to Puregold to shop for groceries. The girls and I went to the bookstore to buy some supplies and my mom and dad did the shopping. On home, however, the car had some problems and we stuck in the middle of the street and somehow caused a little traffic at Almar. The enforcers helped us to move to the sides and Ava and I went home ahead of Papa, Mama, and Viola so we could cook dinner.


This was Viola`s video singing in the car. Forgive her lyrics, though. She was so trying to emote and wasn`t conscious about she was saying. lolz Only when we got home did she realize what her wrong lyrics meant.


Viola`s Love Song from Cathy Canaceli on Vimeo.

It was a long day but I`m happy that now I can both serve God and have time with my family. I`m so happy with what`s going on in my life now. ;)

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