Wordpress Theme Dilemna

1:40 PM

Ok. I give up. I've been looking around for pretty Wordpress themes only to find out that you can't change a Wordpress.com theme and if you really want to, you could go to Wordpress.org which obviously is not a free site.

So here I am in Blogger. ;) I'm moving my first Perinkle Confession here, too. ;)

So, here’s my first shameful confession. I don’t know how to change my WordPress theme, although I can get satisfied with this cutie, minimalistic theme I have found on the presets. Suits my newly polished pink nails.. Will show you a picture tomorrow ’cause I don’t have a camera with me.

By the way, I was trying to hold back tears the whole morning because in our staff devotions , we talked about how we first came to Christ. I always get teary eyed whenever I speak about me, encountering God as a child, as a 6-year-old, and seeing my life change as I was growing up.

I realized, there is an endless list of things to be thankful to God for. It always amazes me that God could reach a kid like me, as naive as a pre-schooler can be. It always breaks my heart when I come to think of it that God reached my parents at the same time, even though they were physically apart (Dad was in Japan, mom in the PI.) which made way for me and my two younger sisters to grow up in a Christian family. I love it when I think about my mom not wanting secular songs in the house, forbidding us to watch kissing scenes on TV, taking every care for us not to get saturated with media.

Now, look at what the passion we have for Jesus. Every little obedience that my parents have followed, made way for God to mold us into godly girls… and now women of God.

I just can’t help but stand amazed on how God is working in my family. And personally, on how he constantly pursues me to Himself. How can I just walk away?

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