So What Is Periwinkle?

2:26 PM

Ok. Periwinkle was my favorite color in Grade 2 when my parents bought me the 48-color Crayola because I already needed them in school and I'm big enough not to break them. lolz

And it was not until I was in college that I learned that Periwinkle is the name of the purple flower we always had in our backyard. Or it is that flower? :p

Now what does it have to do with my blog? 

 Periwinkle is associated with the words:

   serene, purity,

I believe that as we grow into lovely young women of God, we must always seek to be an example in purity, speech, behavior, and even in the way we dress up. It doesn't mean that we're gonna be left out with the latest fashion. It just means that as we keep with the times, we also keep our godly values intact and become ladies who, at first glance, can be recognized as Ambassadors of God. ;)

I couldn't imagine myself dressing up in banana leaves. lolz I,myself, love elegance. My black dress and pearl necklaces!!! And my inkling for cutie little stuff... and my  pretty Tropical Punch manicure! But then again, I would have to watch out where my skirt ends, and how low my neckline goes down. I would also have to check that my actions don't hurt anybody, like for example, my brothers in Christ. I would also need to make sure that in every word I say, every decision that I make even in little everyday stuff, that I am glorifying my Father and heaven and living like His daughter--a daughter of the King Himself.

So this is what this blog's gonna be about. The normal,everyday happenings for a young lady who's determined to live her life the Periwinkle* way. ;)

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  1. Hi Cathy!

    ganda naman ng blog mo. It's nice to hear from girls who are passionate about Christlikeness.

    I have a friend who shares similar interests with you. She also blogs about biblical womanhood and biblical beauty-- mas madalas ka nga lang mag-post.. hehe. Please do visit her blog here. I have my own blog as well but I'm not sure if it fits your interests, kaya sa blog na lang ni Anna kita iniimbitahang dumalaw.

    I will surely return here Cathy! Keep it up for the fame of God's name.

    Manny Ambanloc Rosario

  2. @kuyamanny Hi Kuya Manny! Thanks for you kind comments! Very much appreciated! ;)It's so nice to meet Filipino bloggers who share One heart--to make the name of Jesus famous!

    I saw both of your blogs! Would you want me to put up both of them on the Filipino Christian blogs directory on one of my pages here in Periwinkle Confessions!

    Thank you again! God bless!

  3. ililista mo ang aking blog sa iyong directory. You're so kind.

    I don't know how you would classify my blog-- baka sa ilalim ng Inspiration heading ang pinakamalapit-- pero malayo pa rin. Bahala ka na kapatid!

    Madalas kang mag-post. Parang napakadali sa iyo ang magsulat. Nakakainggit naman.

  4. @kuyamanny I will surely add you up, Kuya Manny!

    Naku, there are times I struggle po to write! New Year`s goal ko po na magsulat whatever it is that comes to mind because I haven`t been posting much last year. I felt that I missed a lot of opportunities to share about the Lord because I`ve been too fearful and hesitant.

    But let`s not give up using our gifts to spread His love. He calls and equips!

    It`s nice meeting you, Kuya Manny! God bless you more!



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