365 Days of Love: Day 5 (Update)

1:01 AM

My sister Viola`s already home after an awesome night at the Switchfoot in Manila Concert!


I gave her my complementary passes and just asked her one thing: Bring me home photos from the concert.  Click here for the whole story.

So here are they.


And now I`m wishing I have gone with them too. Too bad, I have a job interview early in the morning tomorrow to prepare for. ;(





Viola said Switchfoot was super-rock and she had been blessed by the band`s message. And she said Carlo had a really awesome, awesome time being a Switchfoot fan.




Viola said the lighting was cool and the whole thing was so cool…everyone was enjoying and having a great time during the whole event.


In fact, in the middle, people in the courtseat area got so excited so they stood up to their seats and my shy sister, along with the reserved/slightly conservative Carlo, remained seating on their seats! Haha They really wouldn`t stand on those chairs at all!



All in all, judging from these “fan photos”, I really think I missed so much BUT… yes, that`s all caps… I`m happy I made two people happy on a their first concert date tonight.



And here is the couple of my day, today!


Thank you Switchfoot and Becca Music (for the courtseat complementary passes)!


Till Switchfoot returns to Manila!


Good night!

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