10 Yummy Kid-Friendly Recipes

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Ava and I love the ham-apple-cheese wraps recipe we got from Martha Stewart. Too bad, I didn`t take a photo last time we made it. I love and crave for it so much that sometimes, when we`ve got no ham or cheese for the wrap, I just slice an apple and dip it in a cheesy dip and it`s enough to make my day.


I`ve always, always been a fan of kid-friendly recipes over the net because they`re simple and fun and so easy to do. Here are a few of my favorite recipes you must also try to enjoy yourselves.


Happy Tuesday! {Links to the recipe are in pink letters.}


1. Apricot and Cheddar Chicken Melt



In this cute, yummy recipe, apricot jam/ preserves is spread on a baguette, and then topped with chicken, cheese and ham and brought to the broiler to make the cheese melt.


Kids and grown-ups would love this for snacks! Yum!


Ripe here!



imageMini TurkeyBurger

    It`s hard to find thick burger patties in Philippine supermarkets. I also wonder why. Winking smile But you can always make one anyway.


I love this recipe. If there`s no turkey, you can substitute chicken instead and whoala! You`ve got thick mini chicken burger patties to enjoy!




Beef Tacos

How `bout lean ground sirloin and low-fat tortillas for your tacos?


This one`s a little “fiery” {uses chili paste} but can always be excluded if you wish.


Recipe here.



Chicken-Salad Pitas



  Almonds, mandarin oranges, celery and chicken refreshingly goes well together.


Very, very summery!


Click here for the recipe.








Carrot Balls

Cream cheese plus grated carrots, refrigerated and formed into balls.


Doesn’t that sound superb?


Make it now!







Yogurt Freezer Pops

Healthy and summery! Instead of buying ready-made frozen pops on convenience stores, why not make a healthy and fresh version yourself. This recipe makes 10 pops.




Pizza Crackers


This is very easy to do. All you need are wheat crackers… {or maybe any kind of crackers} and top it with pizza topping of your choice. You can always choose healthy vegetables and lean meats.

Click here to see how it’s done!




Vit-A-Man Sandwich

Sandwich charged with vitamins! Cheese and lots and lots of vegatables. Who would’ve thought avocado would be perfect in sandwiches?


See how it’s done! image

Ice Cream Tacos

Ice cream, tacos, hot fudge, and cherries! Y-U-M!

See the complete recipe here!





And finally, my favorite of them all:


Fast Fresh Fruit

There’s no recipe link here. All you have to do is pick your choice of fruits, slice it up, divide in containers and pop it in the fridge. Healthy snacking alternative.


Have a great time cooking!

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  1. awesome, will choose the mini burger.

  2. @Nava.K Happy cooking, Nava! Me, I'm craving for the apricot chicken!haha



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