Happy Easter: 1,000 Gifts

3:31 PM


How was your Easter celebration yesterday? I had a great time in church. It was great to be reminded of the Resurrection, that we`ve got a God who is alive and had not been limited or chained by death.


Sometimes, we miss the real meaning of Jesus raising up from the dead, only noticing and appreciating His death. While His death means our sins had been paid of, His coming back to life also means something more significant for us.


It means victory.

It means new life.

It means that we too may die but we will not remain dead forever.

It means we don`t have to be beaten down by our sin.

It means we can triumph over adversity, trials, and sicknesses.

It means today we live, not as abandoned children, but as redeemed children of the King.

It means we are never alone, without help. He is with us. Because He is alive and not dead.



{Image credit: Kath Davis}

His life is our life.

and His victory ours.

No need to fear about anything.

Because He is with us.

So we can hope about the future.

Be content today.


{I love that I have a God WHO IS ALIVEand will remain alivetoday, tomorrow and forever. Winking smile}


Here are my victories and hopes this week! This is because of your victory that morning, Lord!


New hope. New opportunities to study and work. 146.

Provisions for my first step into the scholarship application. 147.

Awesome 1st day of training for Sam {the new trainee I`m teaching for Multimedia in church} 148.

Awesome week with my Aunt Eden whom I haven`t seen in 10 long years, 4 year-old cousin Ashley and their 4-months old baby Patrick (whom we may be adopting). 148.

Pretty, funny and crazy overnights in our house with more aunts and cousins.148.

Ice scrambles! They make summer cool, happy and fun! 149.


I`m cooking again! Made creamy macaroni soup for the family last night. Tonight, I`m making macaroni fruit salad! Mmmm… Can` wait! 150.

How about you? What are your hopes and victories today? This week? This month? Why not write them down? Let`s share beautiful Easter stories!


Photo credits:

Love-at-first-sight- on Tumblr.

Kath Davis via Tumblr.

and  mochacafe.info

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  1. really cute blog...visiting from Ann's where I too am counting gifts. Loved your list, thanks for sharing.

  2. Yes... the raising up... such a gift!! Beautiful post. Love new hope. Yay for family time and visits! Your macaroni dishes sound yummy! Thanks for sharing your great list! :)

  3. @Amy Bowman Hi Amy! Thank you for dropping by! It`s my first time to add my link to Ann`s post. But I`ve been doing 1000 Gifts for quite a while. I would love to see your list too!

  4. Hi Cathy! I have never had macaroni soup, but it sure sounds yummy...and we had lots of crazy overnights last week too! Other than the bathroom situation it's great to have so many people you love under one roof :)

    p.s...I am stopping by from BlogFrog.

  5. @Jennifer @ Studio JRU Hi Jennifer! Thany you!

    I saw the stuff in your studio! Wow! Very nice decors... My Mom is in love with these kinds of wall decors. I must show her your work. ;)

  6. @Rebecca Hi Rebecca! Really? I`ll post the recipe one of these days so you can try. I also did a macaroni fruit salad recipe last night (which I copied from Wendy`s) and my Mom and Dad loved it!

    Yeah, the bathroom situation when the house is full! The last time, my uncle decided we should have time limit so everyone could have their turn. It was funny but so fun. Anyway, it only happens once in a few years... ;)

    Thank you for dropping by! Blessings!



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