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I was on Blog The Beat last Thursday, Becca Music‘s first-ever music and events media night and I was so amazed and inspired to meet these super awesome Filipino bloggers and people from Becca Music that even now, I still have a hangover about the whole thing!



Becca Music gave an exclusive preview of their upcoming events,   particularly the Switchfoot concert on the 30th. Switchfoot music videos were played during the whole time. We also played Blogger Binggo, had really good food plus gourmet coffee from Folger. Perfect! How I wish Blog The Beat lasted more than a couple of hours. It was bitin! :)




I really, really feel so blessed to have been a part of this and to have met very, very nice people at Blog The Beat. Thank you so much to Becca Music for the invite! My heart found a home around the bloggers present that night.


I was honestly expecting that Ganns of would be there ( because of a previous contest on his blog teaming up with BMI) but I was surprised when he greeted me while still at registration `cause I`m like a fan of his, seriously!  And it was actually great to find out he`s gonna be hosting the night! I know my fellow bloggers can attest to this that Blog The Beat was fun because Ganns was also an awesome host!


I  also met Maine from Stache Magazine who`s such a sweetie! Jay and Adz from Think Like A Beginner were so nice I felt like I`ve known them for a long time. Winking smile Edan of Videoke Queen and her sister Virna…both of them were funny and so nice to talk to.


And of course, JC of J-Zone who finished  Blogger Binggo ahead of everybody! His excitement was contagious! I had to get rid of my shyness seeing him roam around. He was so active even just as he came in! I told him I think he`ll win the game and he really did!


LJ Salceda of 702 DZAS was also there. I shook her hand, introduced myself and found out later that she was LJ. If I knew who see was, I would`ve been too shy to introduce myself. (Blog The Beat really helped me overcome shyness that night! haha)


I also met Mighty from Transformational Leadership (and yes, he said his real name was Mighty), Miggy of At The Womb, Junjie and Gel of, Justin of JustinBreathes , and Joenard and Alyssa of Truthonair, and many more!


Again, thank you so much to Becca Music, to Najee, and to my new friends, many of whom I only got the chance to talk to while signing each other`s Blogger Binggo cards…I`m sorry if I missed some of you. But please know I`m so blessed to know you all. I`m inspired to write more and never stop writing for the glory of the Lord. I hope to catch you guys at the concert!


And everybody, please don`t forget to get your tickets for Switchfoot`s Hello Hurricane Tour Live In Manila!

SF Poster



April 30, 2011 (27 days left!)

Phil. Sports Arena


Ticket prices:
VIP                                 P3500
Courtseat                       P2500
Ringside                         P1800
Lower Box                      P1500
Ringside II                      P  800
General Admission         P  500 


For more details visit Becca Music`s official site or The Switchfoot Concert In Manila Facebook page.


See you at the concert, guys!

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  1. Shucks no picture together... :) - Miggy from

  2. @Anonymous Hi, Miggy! I think we`ve got photos on Becca`s official. Are they gonna post some of it? ;D I hope... haha

  3. Hello Cathy! :D I had so much fun with you and Ava! Nice meeting the both of you.

  4. @Maine It was nice meeting you, Maine! Please say Hi to Elisa for me. ;) Really had fun with you guys! ;)



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