Living Creatively: Writers Block

4:09 AM

Do you sometimes struggle to write?


I bet everyone of us does.


I had all these thoughts in mind the past couple weeks and I really wanted to write them down and share them with you. But for an unexplainable (but familiar) reason, I cannot write them down or form them into good-sounding words. I`ve got two or three stories in mind, but I just could make them into an engaging post worth reading.



I guess it`s true when experts say if you yourself don`t get excited or are not enjoying what you have written down, your readers wouldn`t enjoy them either. So I guess it all starts with us, with our hearts and our perception of things.


I believe one reason why writers struggle to write is hesitation. The moment we begin to hesitate, that`s when things start to really go wrong. It`s like believing in failure before you`ve even started anything. It like inviting doom when it`s not even asking to come in.

{Did I use an exagerated word for doom? haha}



It`s really a tragedy to start thinking we`ll fail even before we started anything.


When I was leading the Multimedia Ministry in our previous church, the team and I did a balloon-blowing game for team building. I asked the them to blow an average sized balloon without air-pumping equipment. Some struggled while a few filled it up with air really quick.


I didn`t tell them that the balloon game was supposed to measure confidence. Those who had confidence enough to blow the balloons finished really quick, while others had to pushed a little bit to believe they can blow the balloons themselves.


I guess it`s also the same with writing—or any other craft. When we start with confidence, believe in ourselves because we are God`s creation and trust Him because He never leaves us and we are not alone, we will not be afraid of doing great things. When we believe that the intelligent Lord who fashioned all of these majestic creation is with us in everything we do, how can we not become people of excellence? When we place our confidence on the Lord who loves us and who gives us strength and wisdom, how can we not do any good thing?


"For you have been my hope, O Sovereign LORD,
my confidence since my youth."
Psalms 71:5 (NIV)


Anyway, I found a cute poster with these “oh so true” writing rules! Enjoy!



I can do everything through him who gives me strength.* Phil. 4:13

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  1. Okay first of all... you have probably the coolest blog design ever! I love it!

    This post was very motivating! When I first started blogging, I just wrote what I thought people wanted to read, but I was never excited to go write. Once I gave up on that and started letting my personality shine through and post what I wanted, I got tons of readers! Everyone should take your advice. :)

    It reminds me of the Ann Quindlen quote: The thing that is really hard, and really amazing, is giving up on being perfect and beginning the work of becoming yourself!

  2. @Sydney Hi Sydney! Wow! Thanks so much!

    I believe what you said is true that when we allow our personalities to shine through in our writing, that`s when people start to relate with us... and of course, the readers start coming in! Yey!

    There were times I really felt hesitant to write down what`s in my heart. I was afraid to open up to everyone--many whom I don`t know...but surprisingly, those posts were the most viewed and commented.

    The quote is really beautiful! Thanks for sharing! Accepting and enjoying who we really are can bring us a long way!

    Thank you for dropping by and leaving a sweet word, Sydney! Blessings!

  3. Great post!

    I find myself questioning or second-guessing whatever I write once it's published, posted, etc. I have to tell myself repeatedly that I wrote what was on my heart--with truth and grace, and God is pleased. He approves! No need to worry about anyone else's approval. Difficult, but true.


    P.S. - Found you on Christian Women Bloggers on Facebook. :)



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