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I think I`ve found how my dream house should look like. Winking smile


I`m actually not dreaming of big house. I want a pretty small and simple one…just like the one my family`s living in right now. I like it just like that so everybody could still get to see each other and would be forced to hang out with each other all the time. haha I want it that everyone in my house can see how each other`s doing.  I guess, a simple house is one of the reasons why my sisters and I have become super close. We love bumping into each other in the kitchen… ;)


Okay. This penthouse in Paddingtown, Australia is really, really hefty. Aargh! I would love to build a similar house like this one  but on a budget not as huge as that one! Whew! And I think that`s totally possible, isn`t it?


20100308094653 (1)



I love this outdoor set-up when I can go and see the garden anytime!




20100308094653 (4)

I`m really dreaming of a cozy house, that`s contemporary but  has wooden floors (This one`s even got a wood deck!). I also want a simple, neat and modern kitchen with a pretty countertop where I can talk with the family and see everybody while I`m cooking.




20100308094653 (3)

It might be small, but it should have everything, right? haha A mini pool would do…




20100308094653 (7)

Dreams… I really got to work hard now if I want all these stuff, huh? Winking smile



And I guess, with that beautiful skyline in the background, I can take it back when I said I really didn`t want to live in the city. But of course, I need all those trees and the garden just like that in the photo. haha


You can check out more of the photos here.

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