Kids Church Interior Ideas: Wall Decals

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The couple of weeks I was away waiting for my writer`s block to go away (Well, excuses! haha), I was busy helping out with the Kids Church and doing artwork for our little friends.


It`s been pretty busy in church these days. esp. the with the kids division, since one of teachers moved out of the city while the kids are growing in number every week. So I left Multimedia to help out. Teaching children is my first love! ;)


Forest-Critters-girly_mae_fabric_reusable_stickers (1)


Last year, I wrote about interior design ideas for Kids` church. We`re still not done with the work until now. Ferdie, one of the church artist, painted a mural with flowers and whales, the ocean and a big rainbow. We`re planning to change that now and give the room a revamp, also to meet the growing needs of the children. We need to put up more cabinets and make the room more alive. It`s really like a workshop now, but it could be made nicer.


I`m thinking of painting the room in two or three colors: white, yellow, and light gray and then put on some pretty wall decals. Not only that they`re easy to put up, but they look so cute and lovely. Kids would definitely love them.


They`re a little expensive, so I`m thinking of getting only a tree since I bought little animals (on sale!). But the good thing in these decals is that you can peel and reuse them.  Good idea since the church has a building project coming up and we might be moving in a year.


Here`s what I`m eyeing on. So cute!


Tree and Safari Wild Animals

by Arlie Creations




Enchanted Forest Tree with Owls

by Arlie Creations




Little Tree with Many Birds and Birdhouses

by Cherry Walls



Forest Critters

by Love Mae


Forest-Critters-girly_mae_fabric_reusable_stickers (1)


300 (2)


What do you like the most? Smile

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