On Contentment: Keep A Quiet Heart

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One of my favorite books of all of time is Elisabeth Elliot`s Keep A Quiet Heart. My sister got home with the book one day and since then, it`s been on our headboard, sitting prominently, in case I need something enlightening to read.




One thing that I really love about it is its theme. (Although, I admit, I wasn`t too attracted the first time I saw it. Quietness sometimes make me feel a little awkward and afraid. But that`s a different story I`ll tell you about next time.;) And if there`s really one great thing I learned from this book, it is about finding contentment in trusting God—in being still and quiet and in trusting that His will is good and perfect.


A spirit of calm contentment always accompanies true godliness. The deep peace that comes for deep trust in God`s loving kindness is not destroyed even by the worst circumstances, for those Everlasting arms are still cradling us, we are always under “the Mercy”.—Elisabeth Elliot


We rarely hear about contentment today. People don`t talk so much about being happy with what we have. Everywhere we are nagged by media to buy this and buy that. Get this and get that so we look good and we gain a our place in society.



But don`t you agree that the chase for all these things get tiring and wears us out in the end? The desire for more and more actually leaves our hearts with less and less. And we have to deal with all these emptiness we don`t know how to fill. That all these things we bought can never fill.


And the cycle repeats over and over. Desire more. Work more. Chase more. There`s an endless list of things to love and like in this world!


Dealing with Discontentment

I would be so dishonest if I would say that I`ve never battled with discontentment in my life. Truthfully, last week I made a long list of what I don`t have--not in paper, just in my heart—but it made me so weary, nonetheless.   


When we look at what we don`t have instead of God`s sweet and delightful blessings everyday, our souls become tired and heavy. Or sometimes, even worse. Our joy is stripped and we become ungrateful.


And the Lord has been teaching me so much how to keep a quiet heart. How to listen ONLY to Him. To shut down the noise of this world and find my value in who He says I am and not on what I have—or don`t.



And it`s really a joy to think about everything I do have in my life right now. Afterall, I really have so much. I do have the things I could ever ask for.

A Different Perspective

If God feeds you with manna today instead of cucumbers and olive oil and a salad of fresh greens, do you have the right to complain? Definitely not. Manna is manna. Straight from heaven. It`s like God is feeding you like how a Mom feeds her baby. It`s love from the heart of a sweet, caring God.


And just the same today. If we look for gourmet steak in the desert, of course, there`s we can find none. If we look for freshly baked seafood or pasta, our mouths would be watering and we would hate our journey. But if we would learn to be content and see the beauty of those little things that falls from the sky… if we would realize that they are God`s precious gift… we would be happy and peaceful and we would enjoy our lives knowing that having our God is enough.


He is enough.


Let your conduct be without covetousness; and be content with what you have: for He has said, I will never leave you, nor forsake you. –

                                                                                 Hebrews 13:5



So would I ever make a list on what I don`t have? I pray that I will never again. ;) But in case, I know that my God is the same God of beauty and love and patience. And I know He would always remind me…


To  find the beauty in everything. To find His hand. His love. To find Him in everything.


Lord, thank you for the beautiful things we have in our lives everyday. May we not ruin our joy by looking at what our neighbors have and which we don`t. We have enough. We may not have everything in the world, but You are enough. And we find joy in that.

We love you, Lord. Thank you!



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