Colorful Ruffle Rose Pillows

6:40 AM

I found these super cute and lovely colorful throw pillows on Etsy last week and I can`t help but write about them.


Rainbow colors are fun, so much more when it comes to flowers. With these pillows, it`s like you have your own rainbow flower garden right in your living room!il_fullxfull.236168498


{I should be paid for making an advertisement like this, right?Winking smile lol}


Anyway, you can check out That Funky Boutique on Etsy (No, I`m not describing the shop. It`s the name of the shop!).


You`ll actually find out that there are even more colors than these. There`s a red ombre ruffle that looks like a real life rose, and some are available in darker shades of blue and also in gray (which is my favorite--the gray ones would look good in a white sofa!).


Happy Thursday!

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