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It`s August. I can`t believe it. I`m a month away from turning 24. ;)

The truth is, August is one of my favorite months. Not only because I love how it sounds but because August makes me stop and think about God`s faithfulness. Maybe because it`s a month away from my birthday and I can`t help but look back on the past year that has been.


One of the greatest things about this year is that I know God is in the process of changing my heart.  It is so much of a sweet thing, but it also comes with a lot of ouches and really painful pruning. {Beauty sometimes comes with a price, yeah?} But even though, I know and I am fully aware that this whole thing is really a beautiful thing. And I must look out or I might miss what God`s doing.




This whole year, God has renewed my hope and taught me how to trust—so much more than I have ever done before. I think my season is like Joseph`s when he was sold as a slave in Egypt. Although that looks quite pitiful at first glance, I don`t think God wanted Joseph to feel sorry for himself.  I think God`s teaching Joseph about humility and trust. I think that`s where God is working on with me right now. :p I need to learn to trust His sovereignty wherever I am now.


This year, I`ve also learned to open my heart more to the Lord and He has opened my eyes to see that He is always the Father I can run on to. I love admitting the secrets I keep, the worries I have. And I always find that He cares about me and He`s concerned about what`s going on with my heart.


And today, God`s still dealing a whole lot of other impurities deep within my heart. My desires, my dreams, my inclination to do things my own way. And I am constantly reminded that all these things in the world will fade away…and this is not my home. I am born for another country {which they call Aslan`s country in Narnia—I love that analogy!!!—and which we call heaven in ours}.




I really don`t know where He will lead me. But I pray that my heart would be ready and would be willing to obey. That I will not falter but would give my heart to Him in surrender. That my heart will be happy and content only in HIM and that I would continually long for that country I was made for so that there wouldn`t be a hint of desire for this world in me. I want to learn to let go and finally lose myself completely for Him.


We will find no purpose in our lives until we learn to loose it and let it go--into His hands. Into the hands who wouldn`t let go of us. Into the hands who would hold us close and tight.


Let`s keep trusting!

…I'll show up and take care of you as I promised

and bring you back home. I know what I'm doing.

I have it all planned out—plans to take care of you, not abandon you, plans to give you the future you hope for.

Jeremiah 29:11 (MSG)



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  1. Cathy,

    You're absolutely right. This world is not our home. We're just sojourners on a path until we see Him.

    Great blog. I've become a follower.

    My blogs are Manifest Blog and Go Light! if you're interested.

    God Bless!

  2. @Stephen Phillip Porter Hi Stephen! Thank you! I will go check out your blogs! Nice to "meet" you here!

    Continue to walk with Him in love! Blessings!



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