On Faith: Take That Little Step

9:56 PM

I was reading Warrior Chicks (by Holly Wagner) the other night and  these are a few of those words that spoke to my heart—about faith, taking a step and moving forward.

A warrior is one who is engaged aggressively in or experienced in battle. A warrior possesses the dedication that money can`t buy. A warrior is someone who fights, not because of what she is getting out of it, but because of what she can give. A warrior is a soldier with a “die for a cause” attitude. A warrior will do whatever it takes to ensure victory. A soldier signs up to join the fight; a warrior stays until it`s finished.

I am asking you to begin the journey toward becoming a warrior. It is the only way we can win the battles that life throws our way. And you not becoming just any warrior—but a beautiful one. It`s in your DNA.
                                                            –Warrior Chicks, Holly Wagner

Sometimes, we go on our lives living just like any other soldier and missing out on who really are.  We forget that we are warriors. Brave warriors who are not afraid of making big leaps of faith when the need arises…and taking little steps every day.

But sometimes, isn`t it the little steps that`s harder to take?
Maybe because we think they`re so little and there might not be any fruit. Maybe because our human minds naturally do a lot of rationalizing. Maybe because little steps don`t seem as important as big ones.

Little Steps Waiting For Us To Take

For me, today, taking little steps of faith means answering emails, responding to an invitation to speak, exchanging my comfort to work by faith… forgiving mistakes and giving a hug.

For you it could be making a cup of coffee or writing a letter to cheer a lonely heart. It could be praying for someone, smiling to the fastfood crew who`s serving your lunch, randomly showing kindness, or simply holding a hand. They seem small but they work as big as those which require greater courage…because they are done in faith.


Faith…in big or small acts…is something God honors. Something that makes Him smile. Something that makes an ordinary soldier a warrior.
Because warriors know that there is someone watching over them. Because warriors know that the Lord walks before and stands behind them in battle.

Our commander is greater than anything in the world. Greater than the universe. Greater than our fears. Greater than our enemy. Greater than the ground we set our foot on.

So take that step. Do that little act of faith.  Winking smile

When the angel of the LORD appeared to Gideon,
he said, "The LORD is with you, mighty warrior."
Judges 6:12 (emphasis mine)

Photo credits: fuyuyl at poco.cn

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  1. Love this post, and now I have a book to look for as well! Warrior women have always changed history, and faith-filled warrior women are needed now more than ever! Bright blessings, Shanyn (Strawberry Roan)...

  2. @Mystic_Mom Hi Shanyn! So true! Faith-filled warriors are needed now more than ever! We need to take courage and give it our all!

    Much love!

  3. Love this and I love the comments about being a warrior vs. being a soldier! Amen!

    Thank you so much for the follow! I am returning the favor. I'm following via gc and also email. Bless you!



  4. @Beth in NC Hi Beth! I love your post on the Jam, too! ;) So sweet and encouraging!

    Thanks for following back! It`s nice to meet you! God bless! ♥♥♥

  5. @Richard Ling And small warriors have a big God! Victory is sure! ;)

    Glad to hear from you again, Richard! God bless you!

  6. Don't be afraid to take that little step of faith, before you know it you've gone far in life and all those things that tries to scare or ruin you, you'll realize they don't matter after all. :)

  7. Hi There,

    Great post! Try reading John Eldredge's book titled "Captivating" and "Wild At Heart". Two good books about womanhood and manhood in biblical context.





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