On Courage: The Lovely Arts Café and My Blue Fingernails

1:44 AM

The blog has been quiet lately, and that`s really made my heart so sad. I`m really wishing to write more and share more, but it has been a busy month and if I was not busy, I was going through something. But then again, maybe God is just making more stories to write about.


And now I got some stories to tell. Winking smile




Last Friday God told me to take a big step of faith. I was invited to speak about Multimedia in a Christian arts café. I was so hesitant and really very afraid. lol You should have seen me! I really wasn`t confident speaking about Multimedia. Long story, but it was really one of my greatest fears. I actually got feverish the night before and thought about giving up. Winking smile


So on Friday night, my fingernails all turned blue (they look a lot like freshly boiled peanuts! haha) and my knees were really wobbly. I would`ve fainted if not for His grace! The pastors who were with me, along with my sisters, were laughing so hard because I looked like close to having a heart attack!


Click here to read what I wrote in my journal that night!


And I`m so grateful, even if I looked so funny that night, because God taught me a lesson about courage, about taking that first fearful step out of your comfort zone no matter how afraid and unsure you are.  I feel so much humbled and even more dependent on Him for strength. Is there really anything we can do without Him? Winking smile 



It`s so amazing how God desires for us and a makes ways for us to step out of fears and into His promises. We only need to believe Him and gather all the courage we`ve got to take a leap—even if all the courage you`ve got still equates with wobbly knees. Even if we looked funny or unsure, we`ve moved forward. We`ve walked past our fears. We believed when He said He will be with us and will never leave us alone. We obeyed. And that`s what`s important.


When God speaks,  oftentimes His voice will call for an act of courage on our part... and yieldedness is vital in listening to what He has to say.                                                                          

                                                           --Charles Stanley

Thank you Lord for:


184. For Courage, to stand up and move on even when we feel like giving up.


185. For calling us and holding out your hands when we are too fearful to take a step.


186. For people you use to encourage and strengthen us.


187. For always believing in us.


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  1. how encouraging to me. What a blessing to read your story of stepping out in spite of.. thanks for sharing!

  2. @JennHi Jen! Glad that this became an encouragement to you. ;)

    When we step out in faith, God does the rest. The only thing we have to do is take that step and believe! ;) God bless you, my sister!

  3. Dropping in from Ann's and I'm so glad I did. I love Dr. Stanley's quote, and how neat that you took that step of courage and God blessed it!

    What a gift!

  4. @Stacey Thank you Stacey! I almost ran away and didn't take that step. Thank you for your encouraging words!

    I, too, love that quote from Dr. Stanley ! Very true, isn't it!;)

    Thank you for dropping by! ;)

  5. Like how God told Joshua to be bold n' be strong. #roar

  6. You did a great move. With God nothing is impossible. God bless you... !!



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