A Rainy Saturday and Some Random Photos

12:45 AM

It`s pretty cool tonight and the rain`s thumping on the roof a little loudly. There`s a storm in our islands again and the winds are pretty strong, so it`s a little scary. The only thing I love about storms is staying indoors and yeah, I almost forgot, making some steamy soup and coffee.

I just left this post hanging and made myself a cup of coffee. lol ;) It`s really cozy tonight and perfect for sweet talk! I  just wish  the girls were here but they`re out for music practice (My sisters are so busy these days and you`ll always hear them talking about chords and parts, which I don`t understand at all!)

How have you been doing lately? Haven`t heard from you guys in a while and wondering how you`re all doing.

I haven`t been posting on the blog so much this month. I look at the archives and feel a little frustrated—just look how many posts I made in May!

Anyway, I`m sharing a few photos from last night, from Musikapihan (a Music and Arts café) where I taught a short lesson about Multimedia and Design for the first time.  I almost fainted and my fingernails all turned blue! lol

Posing with the lovely girl with the pretty butterfly!
{Yes, there was face-painting and free nail art
in the arts café last night!}

The Fish
  Poor fish was alone in her big, big tank.
I wonder how she manages to get through life everyday!

viola and the fist
Offering a kiss. Fish-y doesn`t look interested, Viola. lol

me and the fish
Fish: “Why, you look a lot like me!”

I think I want Ptr. Jun`s guitar for my birthday! lol

Finally, my sisters and I. I`m the smallest—but the eldest!!!

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  1. @Richard Ling Hi Richard! =) How are you? ;) Feels good to have made friends in here. ;)

    God bless you always!

  2. @Richard Ling When I first read you comment, I thought you meant you were at the arts cafe! I was surprised! ;) haha



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