On Friendship: A Simple Woman`s Daybook

11:28 PM


Outside my window...

It`s dark and I couldn`t see anything out there. Really. ;) It rained late this afternoon and it`s cool now.


I am thinking...

of finding a job where I can practicing my writing. It had always been my dream. And I`m thinking of taking my first baby steps towards it.


I am thankful...

for everything I have in my life right now. Family. Friends. Ministry. My loving Savior.



In the kitchen...

We had tinola for dinner. It`s a soup made with chicken, ginger, and sayote and chili leaves. My dad is a tinola expert!


It`s on the menu every week and if this goes on for a year, I might not be so in love with tinola like how I used to! haha ;)



I am creating...

{oh, what am I creating?!} Ah, I`m working on another blogpost about what`s inside my purse.


I am going...

to meet with Onah on Friday. Excited! We`re having a private viewing of the 1040 movie with the youth group sometime in September. But I`m so excited to see Onah just to hang out. It`s almost a year since the last time we talked over ice cream. Uhm, was it ice cream?tumblr_loeekmgSZx1qg3mk7o1_500

I am wondering...

if I would fulfill my dreams—in a very hopeful tone.


I am reading...

Keep a Quiet Heart by Elisabeth Elliot.


I am hoping...

to work with Bart in a TV station someday. {Bart is our favorite “younger brother” in college, when Ava and I were still in Messiah.} We were chatting last night about our dreams and I was so touched. He was encouraging me so well and thank you again Bart, for believing in me!

I am looking forward to...

have a tea party with friends. And sleep over at Ynah`s. I`ve been terrible lately when it comes to spending time to friends I love. I was so consumed with my everyday life and God has been reminding me that I should balance every facet of my life. (I was playing Ciao Bella this morning, the time management game… and I got Game Over a lot of times. The message read: You have to balance every facet of your life. Ouch!} I know the Lord desires me to be “Ms. Friendship”! Winking smile


tumblr_lp9ak1pLgm1qcdxvso1_500Around the house...
Mom is cleaning. Ava is doing her homework—{and Facebook-ing, I know}haha. Dad is already asleep. He helped wash clothes the whole day and he`s so tired. I made coffee for him early this afternoon. ;)


One of my favorite things...

Olive oil. {Of all things, why olive oil?!!!} But I`ve been trying homemade beauty recipes and olive oil really works so well! I actually have an olive oil hair mask on right now!

A few plans for the rest of the week:

--Finish bible study lessons early

--Finish the kids church lessons about donuts. Yeah! Do you remember the donut man? We`re thinking of using the same illustration to teach kids. Life without Jesus is like a donut, `cause there`s a whole in the middle of your heart!


The precepts of the LORD are right,
   giving joy to the heart.
The commands of the LORD are radiant,
   giving light to the eyes.

Psalm 19:8

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