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imageTonight I saw a very tearful, but very inspiring video about 5-year old Elena, who was diagnosed with cancer. She loved writing love notes and drawing hearts for her mom, dad and sister. Her family found those notes tucked inside her Daddy`s pants, slipped between books, in her sister`s backpack, just everywhere around the house!  And it`s so amazing how can a little girl be so thoughtful and would think about leaving something behind the people who love her.


She knew that even if she goes away, love never goes away. Love remains. Such wisdom for a pretty, little lady!


A Pad of Colorful Sticky Notes


Last night, I was talking with a friend and we were talking about blogging and sharing love through the internet. The internet and blogosphere is a huge, beautiful and powerful platform to share God`s love. And a blog is like a pad of colorful sticky notes where we can write about Jesus, about God`s love for many people to see. When we write about the Lord, blogs are like little notes  with heart doodles that you find inside lunch boxes and hidden between the dishes. They bring sunshine to people`s hearts. They rekindle hope and brings smiles to lonely places.


And like Elena`s notes, blogs can become a legacy. They stay behind even when our time is up--for many people to see. And  if we would raise the name of the Lord in this platform today, that itself is already a legacy. When we tell His story.




But of course, love notes can also be many things other than blogs. They can be a hug to a friend. A kiss on your Mom`s cheek. Food you give to hungry. Or Sharing about Jesus to a stranger and to the bus driver. When we become the hands and feet of the Lord here on earth.


Everywhere and anywhere is a notepad where we can write about God`s love. Every single day is an opportunity to praise His name!




Leaving A Legacy

If there`s one story I would love to share with the world, it is the story how God saves and loves people continually. It`s His story of faithfulness—to me and to my family. And that if the Lord has been faithful to me and to those who had gone before me, that means He will always, always be faithful to those who will come after me.


How about you? What kind of love notes would you want to write and share with the people around you, with the people you love, with the people who don`t know about God yet?


Have you ever considered  writing your own blog and sharing your testimony—His love, faithfulness and mercy?  Or are there other ways God is calling you to write those love notes?


I pray that we would all grow in His love everyday!

Have a great week!


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Tumblr and weheartit

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