100 Before 100: Flower Power

7:33 AM

imageI wrote on my 100 Before 100 List that I want to be a florist even for a day. I love flowers and I love fixing freshly cut flowers on a vase. But I didn`t tell you that I`m really so bad in making arrangements! The table arrangement I did back in high school homemaking class was so terrible! The roses looked lousy, they looked like hanging plants! haha


But now, I think I`m good in throwing `em all together randomly. Shake it a little and it`s done (Although, that wouldn`t pass as a floral arrangement technique). Seriously, I wish I can make even just a simple bouquet. I want to become a florist, if given a chance. Work on a flower farm and fix pretty arrangements.  Isn`t it cool to make flower arrangements for weddings? That`s one of my dream jobs!image

Anyway, here are some of the videos I`ve been watching lately, hoping to pick up something.


If you`re a girl and you love flowers, I think you will enjoy these!

Good morning!


Wired and Wrapped


Flower Power

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