Here In His Love

12:46 AM

I really don`t have any idea what to write tonight. I haven`t been blogging for like a half a month, and sometimes when you stop writing for a long time, you kindda forget your voice as writer.




I`ve actually been writing a lot on my journal lately about everything that makes a girl, well, cry and stay up late past midnight. I`ve had some tearful, heartwarming moments with the Lord the past weeks and  isn`t it awesome that you can open up to Him about everything you feel—your fears, your frustrations, everything! I love being His little girl! I love telling Him my stories like how a little child would while sitting in Daddy`s lap.


I admit I haven`t been doing that for a long time. And I have somehow forgotten that I am someone Jesus deeply loves. I am someone He loves to look at, someone who makes His heart leap in delight, someone He really, truly cares about. I am His beloved. His child. His bride. He loves me and He owns me.



I wish I can give you a  direct link to the song I`m listening right now.

{In Christ Alone by Owl City} Writing all these with that song in the background makes me feel like I`m in a fairytale…with fireflies and musical notes flying in the air, with flowers that sing, and sunlight on my face. Like I live in a world of love that doesn`t run out, that everything will be perfect and I my heart can rest. Well, you can listen to it here. {Just look for the player}


Well, God`s love doesn`t end. And His love for me is better than fairytales.

What heights of love

What depths of peace

When fears are stilled

When striving cease


My comforter

My all in all

Here in the love of Christ

I stand

Photo credits: via {The London Eye}

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