Praying For Japan

11:23 PM

f56dd241ddceaba20802bc7c3d00d13cI`m watching the news right now. 3 days after the frightful tsunami, everything on TV is still all about Fukushima, Miyagi and Sendai. Such a sad and tearful thought to think about all the lives lost and all the pain and tears that goes will all these that had happened.


Growing up, Japan had been a common word in our household. My Dad had worked there for almost ten years. Half of my relatives on my Dad`s side had lived and are living there while I have close friends and know many people from church who are based there.


And so since the news came out, we had numerous phone calls in the house…and my parents had been waiting for updates from friends and relatives through the internet. We`ve been worried for one of my aunts who had not been answering calls since the quake so my other aunt went to find her… and we`re glad she`s safe.


With all these in front of us now…the only things I`m thinking about is the God of comfort who comes to us in times of need. Anna of HopeRoad blog mentioned in her recent post that even through all these things, God`s character had not changed. He is good. Still. And will be always be good. And He is always in control.


My sister had gone to Japan for missions. We were talking about statistics and all but what struck me the most was when she said that the Japanese barely even know that there is a God who cares for them. They may look okay on the outside, but broken deep within…longing to be loved and accepted.


Let us uphold them in our prayers, for their comfort and safety, and that they too may find Jesus amidst all these.



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  1. Wonderful post. It is sad to think that people do not know Jesus Christ. I will certainly continue to keep Japan and it's people in my prayers.

  2. @Mary Yes, Mary! And let`s pray that many Christians would open their hearts for missions in Japan. I heard that there`s only 1.56% Christians in Japan. Most of them are foreigners. Let`s pray that people would go to make the love of Christ tangible to the Japanese... ;)



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