Your Day in 2020

Posted on March 7, 2011 by Cathy in ,

Have you seen this video? Do you think this could be all possible in 2020? Although I love cool gadgets and touch-screen stuff, midway through the video, I found this quite funny and too much. If we would live like this, our fingers would be the only parts of our body we would exercise! Haha

Watch Your Day In 2020


I like all these things but I would miss building, playing and working  with my hands. When we were kids, we used to make a lot of sand castles, play a lot of sports…But we do them on the computer now. And I`m afraid one day it would get so high tech and the things we used to do and enjoy wouldn`t be a normal thing. If books would all be sold as e-books then, I would definitely miss flipping pages with my hands!


Even now, sometimes, I feel a little bit sad that we have to really get away from the city just to have a good look of God`s creation. It takes a two-hour drive to feel relaxed and human.


Don`t you sometimes miss nature too? And playing outdoors? ;) I love, love, love all these hi-tech stuff but I often miss doing the old things we used to do.


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