Mom, Kitty and Me

2:27 AM

I`m not usually fond of cats. The one we got at home is a bit spoiled. She doesn`t give way to me, but wants me to give way to her all the time. But kittens are always cute, aren`t they? Even if they are really stubborn sometimes.


I saw this video from Choi Siwon on Twitter and it`s really so cute. I love cats now! They`re really like me and my Mom.


Cat-Mom Hugs Baby-Kitten


I remember the night before my first day in a pro video editing house last year.  I was too anxious that I couldn`t sleep. I climbed onto Mom and Dad`s bed at midnight and Mama just hugged me tight. I tossed and turned in bed for the whole evening and anxious thoughts ran in my mind. My Mom hugged me like that little kitty having a nightmare.


I love Moms. And kitties, now, too!


And, and… I want to to share a funny video me and my friends did almost 3 years ago in Hongkong (Funny `cause it`s corny and a mini adaptation of a Korean Drama).  I suddenly missed them tonight. They`re in my heart always.


Endless Love- HK (Episode 2)

You can view Episode 1 here. Sadly, I`m still not done with the 3rd part. I hope I can finish it before our HK trip`s 3rd anniv.


Goodnight now, friends! It has been a busy day. I made 3 posts today. Not to mention, I exercised long enough to lose too much weight this morning. haha (Did I really need to mention that?) Anyway, I`ll see you soon!



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