Rainy Day Pillows

5:19 AM

News says the storm is hitting Philippine shores tonight. But I believe it will be rainy in the afternoon just like yesterday and the other day. It feels a bit scary when you look outside the window when it rains these days. Yesterday afternoon rain was pouring SO HARD, it was foggy and a thick blankets of clouds covered the sky, you really couldn’t see beyond it at all. It was the first time I saw that kind of cloudy-ness… and it feels like the days of Noah. :p




Although yesterday’s rain was a bit scary…I don’t know but I find rainy days comforting. I like looking outside the window and snuggling a soft pillow, esp. when you feel kinda sad. { Hey, I don’t want to teach you how to become emo… haha I’m just sharing. } Sometimes, it’s just that I feel the rain pours out the tears I have no courage to cry out. And I don’t feel alone. Ever feel funny like this sometimes?


So a sunny day pillow that brings back the sunshine memories are fit for rainy days and crying hearts. haha







These are all from Sukanart on Etsy. But sadly, these are quite expensive in Philippine peso. But if I were also the one to make those cute, colorful birds, I wouldn’t charge cheap. Their quite hard to make.


So must I do them myself? Maybe. Since rainy days are here and I’m indoors most of the time.


And back to my rainy day drama… I really think I feel comforted because I believe God uses rain sometimes so we could stop from our “rushing” { we stop only when it rains!} and finally listen to Him.


I love it when the world stops for a while.. even just for a little while. Winking smile

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  1. You did make the actual pillow right, except for the birds? It's lovely!

  2. @cherrey Hi Cherry! No, I didn`t make the pillows. I`m still thinking of making one soon. The photos are all from Sukanart on Esty. They`re really lovely.

    You can make these birds with felt, and sew a little to "draw" the wings and eyes. I`m looking forward to do `em soon!

    Thanks for dropping by the blog today, Cherry!



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