3 Things Tonight

2:00 AM


Three things tonight:

1. We just came home from a dinner with JCOB Asian Missions director and his family.

2. I`ve just started my scholarship admission statement.

3. I have a terrible allergy on my arms.


Can I add a number 4?

4. My Mom is telling me to go to sleep.



Ramblin\So I`m gonna go to sleep now. 

Anyway, please do drop by often `cause

I joined WordCount’s Blogathon 2011,

and I`ll be posting every single day for the rest of May. So there`d be much to read in here. I hope I won`t struggle with lack of ideas to write about. It`s actually making me a little bit nervous now.


On one of Bonnie`s {Faith Barista} emails, she mentioned about being a Faith Blogger, that we should write out of faith even though sometimes we feel a little unsure. I, personally, sometimes fear rejection. Don`t you find me silly sometimes?haha Sometimes, I actually imagine that people are finding me weird and funny and…silly. So I hesitate, even though it`s not the right response to my wild imagination. 



But with the Lord`s help, I will write with faith! And we will make it till the end of the month! So please join me guys and leave a comment whenever you are led to do so. ;) I would also love to hear from you.


Good night and see you in the morning!


PS. Please do pray for me I try to finish this week all the responsibilities I have in church so I can go ahead and prepare my school papers. It`s gonna be a busy and full month. I would really appreciate it! Love you all!

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