Yummy Tuna and Veggies Fritters

8:19 PM

This morning, Ava and I went to the market, got things needed for day and I had a great time looking for ingredients for my next culinary project.


I found an easy Korean Tuna and Veggies fritter recipe on

Aeri`s Kitchen and thought that I should try it for breakfast.image


And here`s what I came up with.


I didn`t get to plate it well `cause I`m busy eating a lot. It was soooo good! Perfect for vegetarians—who eats eggs! Kidding.


I tweaked the recipe a little though. We are five in the family and I only got a can of Tuna in oil so I had to use extenders to make more mixture. I added cucumber and a little flour. I also replaced the sesame leaves with petchay (white chinese cabbage or bokchoy).


I tell you, it`s soooo good. You should try the recipe yourself. ;)

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  1. The pictures looks yummy...I am going to try this one

  2. @teratak bonda Please click the pink link "tuna and veggies fritter recipe" above the first photo. Did you find it? Thanks. ;)



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