Glimmers on My Window

5:41 AM

the glimmers

   The glimmers on my window are pictures that God paints  for me to share.

Today, I was not feeling alright. My heart was troubled about many things. I was thinking about all sorts of stuff that gives everyone a headache. Deadlines, Bills, Projects. And as crazy as I can get, I was grumbling. My heart was grumbling. And I was ready to go into the world, forget about His `cause, and get rich in any way that I could.


This morning, I was reading the book of Ecclesiastes. Throughout the entire book, the writer repeated over and over how running after riches is like chasing the wind. Many times, he said that we should enjoy life because life is short. At the end of the day, chasing after the things this world can offer is useless.


But there are just times when you feel like you really want to do more, earn more, and accomplish some more. You stop caring about the things that matter. And your heart is questioning why things are the way they are. No matter how hard you try, you just couldn`t understand. Why do you have to wait? Why do you have to struggle? Why shouldn`t things fall into the right place just like how it does for others?


Tonight, I found a puzzle piece of the answer.  And it really made me break into tears. 1

I read Gary Mollander`s Glimmers on Collide. It is about God opening “windows” everyday for us to see Him, to see  Him moving and taking care of us. Gary asks how aware are we about these “windows”. He says that some of us are more aware of them because of our present brokenness and helplessness. And if we are, as artists or storytellers, it is our job to “frame” these stories so others will also be aware of these “windows” where God could speak to them.


I realized how crazy I was. And right now, I am crying at the thought that whatever it is I am going through, God is using it so I can frame a window to help others see His hand every day. I think about my old posts on Facebook. I remember everything I`ve written on Multiply. The notes which people have “Liked”, the writings people say have inspired them are those which were writing during the times when I was helpless and broken. It is in broken times that we see clearly the  “windows”  that God opens up for us.


I know that whatever it circumstance I`m in, I could find the loving heart of God, even though I sometimes don`t understand His plans.


Right now, even though I still don`t understand many things, I would still chose to see the brighter side. I know there are pretty much plenty of beautiful things going on--if I would just see them through Jesus` eyes. It`s time that I open my eyes to another “window”.  It`s time to see the glimmers God is always putting up the windows He opens up for me.


Surely, he`s also painting up glimmers in yours. Try to see them and let others know what you find in there. I`m sure someone will find God and you will be encouraging many. ;)

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