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It`s my 23rd birthday tomorrow. Each day I realize that I`m actually getting older. It`s exciting `cause getting older means you get to experience more things and I can`t wait about what God`s gonna do this year. But for some reason this week, these beauty product TVCs just keeps on showing up on TV  like crazy, frightening us girls about age spots and all. For some time, I hated the idea of growing older and I even wished it wouldn`t be my birthday any sooner `cause I want to stay 22 forever. 


It might sound foolish but ladies are often tortured with what media keeps on telling them about who they are and what they should be. This world has a very, very strange way of defining beauty. You  always have to have perfect skin. The perfect hair. The perfect eyes. The perfect face. Everything has to be perfect and flawless—like the girls on the magazines, like the girls on the TVCs.


You`ve got to have the perfect beauty. If you don`t. Well…you don`t have worth. 2mzbnud


So the poor ladies…they have tried every anti-ageing cream in the market. Had their faces injected with Botox. Got a face-lift, a nose-lift, every single kind of –lift. Spent hours and riches on every gym equipment they could find. Still, they don`t look perfect like the girls on TV. They still don`t look as gorgeous as the cover girls on their favorite magazines. They still don`t look as sexy as Barbie.



And it`s so tragic how media had made girls believe in lies all these time.

We are in an imperfect world and every one of us will grow old. This world only made us believe that there is such a thing as perfect beauty.


     Beauty will flee. But there is one thing would not. Character.

“Charm is deceptive and beauty is fleeting, but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised.”


Real beauty is in the heart. A woman can be beautiful inspite of her years if she fears the Lord the obey His will, if  she lives for Him and she does His commands. It doesn`t matter if she`s 23 or 30 or 90. It doesn`t matter if her tresses are blonde or gray. What matters is what`s going on in her heart, if she is pleasing her Master, if she is delighting herself in Him.

This morning, when I thought about getting a year older tomorrow, I don`t think about the fine lines and the wrinkles anymore. I`m just thinking about God`s faithfulness. When I`m 60 or 70 and I have all these lines on my face, I would not cry over them and hate that anti-ageing creams don`t actually work. When I look at them I would think about God`s faithfulness all through the years, all the years He has added up to my life, all the years He never left me as He promised.


So, let`s not be afraid of growing old. One day, just as He promised, God gill give us glorified bodies anyway, because we have Jesus in our hearts. Meanwhile, let`s enjoy this life and live for His glory, right?

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  1. Nice post. The media tries to establish a "one fit mold" for ladies and if you don't fit the mold, you aren't as beautiful. I wrote something similar to this. It tells ladies to be even more beautiful develop their inner beauty, because the Bible says that is precious to God. I'll post the link. I think you may like it. Let me know. Blessings.

  2. @Ashley (Admin) Hi Ashley! Yup. I believe beauty comes in different colors...different forms. If God finds all of those beautiful, then we are all pretty, aren't we? ;)

    Thanks for the link! I'll head over to your blog and read it now. Thank you for dropping by! ;)



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