Hearty Recipes: Heart-Shaped Egg Roll

7:19 AM

Healthy food is essential to a healthy body. We all know about that, but due to our busy schedules, we often resort to fast food or just about everything fried or canned. But there are many ways to make healthy, nutritious food even when we`re in a rush.


I`m a fan of Aeri`s Kitchen, a Korean recipe website, because most of her recipes included ingredients which are commonly found in everyone`s kitchen. The other day, I tried her Tuna and Veggies Fritters which my sisters found really good, and today I tried out Aeri`s heart-shaped egg rolls.



The original recipe doesn`t include luncheon meat, but since there`s Spam in the house and we`ve got no spring onions. I thought maybe I should add something more than just carrots. I also used a little bit of red onion. It just doesn`t look identical as in Aeri`s because I toasted it a bit and I didn`t have much egg to join the cuts together. ;p

Adding vegetables not only make meals yummy but also extra nutritious.


Nom! Nom! Enjoy!


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