Goodbye, Media Junkie

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 credit: Getty ImagesHow long have you been online today? Not doing homework. Not doing research. Just on Facebook, Twitter, or MySpace.


It`s embarrassing but I admit I`ve been for more than a couple of hours.


Hours I could have spent listening to God. Hours I could have spent cutting out all the noise and enjoying my fellowship with Him. I wonder how many hours I have wasted logging on Facebook, or checking if I`ve got new mail. If I saved the time I use for tweaking my blog lay-out, I would`ve had more time to pray, to sing, to keep my mind tuned to Him.


I know I`ve said it many, many times before. I`ll cut down time on Facebook. Won`t go online for a day. Not log on to Twitter for a week. But after a short while, I`m back to the old routine.


Social media had become really, really addictive. It gives us an illusion that we are always connected with the world, that we are never left out with the latest news even when we`re not really socializing. Catchy? Yah. We bought it.  Now, we know who is giving out a party, who got a new car. We know who had just went home from a trip to Hawaii. We`re never left out of gossip. We know who`s in a fight. We know who just got pregnant.


Little do we know, these social media that keeps us acquainted with the world is pulling us away, little by little, from enjoying our intimate relationship with Christ. How many hours devoted for prayer time have we missed because we stayed a little too late because of Facebook? Or do we even remember to pray after shutting down our computer?


We always have excuses. I always had. I`m doing a research. Doing homework. But while doing research, do I still have to be on Facebook? Nah. Lame excuse, right?


But do we ever realize that our enemy who is out to steal, kill, and destroy is getting an inch in our media addiction.


  • Steal. The enemy steals your time with God!
  • Kill. The enemy of your soul is also the enemy of your body. Staying up late for Facebook and other games will surely hurt you physically.
  • Destroy.  He will try to destroy your health, your relationship with God because he wants to destroy your soul!

Let`s go back to simplifying our life and keeping our priorities straight. Facebook and MySpace, they`re not as important as our relationship with God, our relationship with our family, our studies… Your Facebook friends won`t always be there for you when you need help. But God, your family, and your real-life friends will always be there for you.


As for me, I`ll just go online on designated times. Just once a week, to check messages, reply to them, and to blog. It will be hard but we can do all things through Christ, right?


Looking forward to enjoy life as a Daughter of the Living God. Can`t wait for the day to say this girl`s a Media Junkie No More!

If you’re a media junkie, examine your addiction. Maybe its time to admit you have a problem. Maybe its time to start living more simply. For the sake of your soul, perhaps its time to find a new rhythm, new habits. Maybe God is calling you to flip the script on your media usage, relegating your tools to the role of servant through simplification, and, in the process, acknowledging the rightful role of the Master, Jesus Christ. Along the way may you find yourself with an expanded capacity to love others, to serve selflessly, to speak humbly, to be fully present. To be a blessing.

Ben Simpson

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  1. Love the post I especially love how you said the amount of time you spend on the computer you can spend it with God. I love that statement for it is so true, we spend our time doing so much and by the end of the day we hardly have any time to give to God when in fact we should give Him more time.

    God bless you

  2. @Desiray Thanks, Desiray. You're right, we spend our time doing so much and give God whatever remains out of the time we've got.

    Let's put Him first always.He loves us so much. ;)

    God bless you!

  3. Love it, actually the part about us buying into being more so called "connected" really made me think. We aren't socializing at all!

    nice job!

    just started following you,follow me back friend

    My blog is based on the idea of expanding peoples minds to the beauty in this world/showing another way of thinking.

  4. @Raimi Thanks, Raimi. We shouldn't rely on social media for our social life. Nothing beats hanging out with friends and having a good talk during dinner with the family. ;)

    I'm following your blog now. Thanks for following! ;)

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