Love Story: Behind The Scenes (Jamming @ the Park)

12:49 AM

Today was the jamming session at the park where the music team sang a few songs and gave away promo materials for Love Story.

We met this young girl named Janet who was waiting for her mom and we got to chat with her and even jam with her. Later she said she`s gonna see us on church on Sunday and it really felt great `cause we were aiming to promote for the acoustic night but God gave us an even prettier…and a very early gift. We really didn`t expect it. But God really works in mysterious ways and you just can`t put Him inside a box. He works in wonders that will really sweep you off your feet.

IMG_5229This picture of Ava and Honey was taken exactly where we were singing (Yeah, I sang a few lines! haha) and everyone was just having fun, really having a good laugh and a good snack time, thanks to the little santol fruits that honey brought with her.

It was really a tiring day. We walked around for more than an hour slipping invites into mailboxes and handing out flyers to people we pass by. But it was very rewarding and very fulfilling because we know that our work is never in vain. We know that God will do wonders and we just did our part in becoming his hands and feet.

We also got to visit Edison at Concorde and you wouldn`t believe how surprised his face looked the moment he saw us at his doorstep. We were all laughing the whole time and we couldn`t say a single word even after we stopped laughing. And Edison never really stopped laughing. He kept on saying that he couldn`t move on.

Anyway, I just got a message from Kuya Uriel and he said he`s in the Philippines and he might be coming to church on Sunday. Isn`t that amazing?

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