I*m Back Designing!

1:58 PM

Well, I guess I`m back. After a month of taking a break from graphic designs, video editing, and all computer stuff, I`m having a great time doing designs again.

My new project is for JCOB Nova`s posters and for the Acoustic Nights` promo materials.JOB Flyer copy

I`m loving playing around with photos these days—hence, the result is my previous entry—although I have to try harder faking my own photos. I don`t think I`ve ever become good in editing my own. haha

But I`m looking forward to doing more creative stuff for church in the coming days and weeks… I`m going back to again to my old Everyday Design Challenge, and I`ll be putting it up on my design blog.

I`m also accepting video editing and graphic design projects, in case you`d need a hand. ;) And I`m back scrapping too! You can visit my design blog and I`ll be posting links and tips and all other stuff I`ve read and encountered in the past and I hope to be of some help to those who are beginning with Photoshop, Premiere, and After Effects.



Anyway, here`s a quote about prayer that I stumbled upon this afternoon in my laptop.

"It is in the field of prayer that life's critical battles
are lost or won. We must conquer all our circumstances there.
We must first of all bring them there. We must survey them there.
We must master them there. In prayer we bring our spiritual
enemies into the Presence of God and we fight them there. Have you
tried that? Or have you been satisfied to meet and fight your foes
in the open spaces of the world?"  J. H. Jowett

Isn`t that cool? I, myself, am reminded that before I do anything else, I would have to bow down in prayer before the Almighty of God. All of our efforts are in vain if God is not with us, or if He doesn`t approve of our plans, or if we`ll only be doing it on our efforts.

I suddenly remembered the Boiler Room at Messiah where I usually go to pray and cry out to God. Missing Messiah! <3

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