Through The Eyes of A Stranger

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This was from my journal, dated April 2009. It was one of the sweetest lessons God has taught me on a random morning, on my way to the office. He reminded me that He always sees us through the eyes of a Father, of a friend, and not that of someone who doesn`t know or love us. Read on and I hope you`d also be inspired to see others through the same eyes that sees you. This is for every lady out there who is pursuing modesty.

82722643Today I learned not to judge people based on how they look.

I know it`s quite basic. You can`t judge people based on your first impression on them. But it`s actually a challenge to me sometimes, especially when it comes to girls who are a bit over what the word “modesty” implies.

I`m on my way to the office this morning, when the jeep I was riding stopped to get a passenger. I saw this girl walk by the window beside me. She was wearing a super fit gray tank top, a Laaarge bejeweled necklace, and a pair of red really-super-cling-tight pants which was the craziest `cause it really seemed like leggings to me, and which  I was afraid would burst any moment.) As she walked by my window, I was thinking “Ano ba namang babae yan. What in the world is she wearing?”. Then I noticed she looked young and innocent and believed that she could have looked better in a more laid-back outfit.

Before I could even move on from wishing about a more suitable outfit for her, someone in front of my seat called me “Ate”, and I realized that she was the girl I was criticizing a few seconds ago. She began asking me if I don`t remember her anymore. And I was not only silenced at the fact that I really don`t remember her at all, but also because I was surprised that the girl was someone I know.

She then began asking me questions about my old church, how I was doing… and slowly I began to figure out who she was. She was a friend from my family`s old church 3 years ago. Memories began to come back and I realized just how much I missed and love this girl.

I felt like something changed in my heart. The girl, who a few moments ago was an object of my judgment suddenly became someone I love. When I saw the girl as a stranger, I was taken aback by the way she dressed. But when I learned that she was a friend, I wanted to understand why she was like that, why she dressed the way she did. And I remembered that this girl had a lot of struggles going on in her life. She needs affection, attention, and love. Deep inside her is a little child longing for the approval of others. And I realized, I cannot judge her but SHOULD LOVE HER.

I just thought that God is seeing all girls (and boys, as well) in the eyes of a close friend, not in the eyes of a stranger. He knows the reason why some things happen the way they do. And he loves us, and believes that we can still be changed. ;)

This lesson is such a humbling experience for me.


Sometimes, when we`re doing the right thing, or when we`re trying to do the right thing, we tend to become self-righteous and we easily judge the people around us. But let us be reminded that we are called to love as much as we are called to be holy. You cannot “be holy” and not love. And you cannot “love” and not be holy. So as we pursue godliness, let us also pursue love; and love the people around us and not judge them but share with them about the God who loves them and who longs to embrace them and desires for them to spend every moment of their lives in His presence.

Let`s stay in love, ladies—with Jesus and with the people around us. Let`s see people through the eyes of God who never saw us as strangers but who treats us as the apple of His eyes every single day.

God bless you!

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  1. Sometimes it's hard to fight our human tendencies but with God's grace, we could always turn our backs on negative things. ;)

    I like this post. It's super honest. ;)




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