One Week Beauty Challenge

10:16 PM

This sounds vain but nah, I`m really needing a 180degrees turn from my current lifestyle. So I`m taking the challenge of taking care of myself and going all natural for one whole week and we`re gonna see the difference.

My everyday routine doesn`t include a lot of exercise and I`m feeding on fast food and processed meals all of the time. When  I look at my skin and measure my weight, there`s really a big difference back when I was very careful with the food I eat and when I was following a strict skin care regimen.

So here are my plans for the whole week, and I`m gonna do my best to do everything on this list.95794809

1. Drink 10 glasses of water everyday.

2. Have big servings of vegetables every meal.

3. Completely avoid sweets.

4. No junk foods.

5. No fast food or processed meals.

6. Use natural mud packs, moisturizers, etc.

7. Excercise.

So this is what would fill up my days this whole week. And I`m gonna try my best.

Anyway, Viola and I are studying Korean and it is so much of a challenge as much as it is fun. I`m also studying Hangul and actually, it`s much easier than Japanese. I just have to start with everything basic because I`ve never been exposed to much Korean, unlike Japanese which I basically grew up with, having my dad and his family speaking the language. ButI guess, I`m making progress and isn`t that what`s important?. ;)

I am just amazed that we could learn all these new things and learning a new language is a very good gift from God.

I`m so thankful at what He`s doing in my life right now.

I forgot to tell you that last week, I edited a video for a production house and worked with some really cool and amazing people, and of course, dealt with this actor/model client who always had his video revised which made me go nuts. ;) But it was fun and I had a great time. I even had an opportunity to share about Jesus with the Production Manager and you just wouldn`t help but be amazed at God`s plans. His purpose for placing me in that place was breathtaking. I know that somehow, a seed have been planted in his heart and one day, he will see the heart of God who really, really loves him.

I got to go now. But I will update on my one week lifestyle challenge, and perhaps I will take a picture or myself before and I after I finish.

See you soon!

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