Dare to Dream Again

12:23 AM


“For nothing is impossible with God.”

That`s what Luke 1:37 says.

Looking it up tonight on my Bible after seeing this picture, I honestly thought that that verse on Luke was a more wordy verse. Broken Dreams must be awakened and restored by a quotation worthy of winning a writing award, I thought. I least expected it to be six words long and as simple as that.


But Luke is 1:37 nevertheless, is such a powerful verse--such greatness in those words.

Thinking about my dreams and everything that has fallen apart, what reassuring and heart-awakening words to hear that nothing is impossible before the Almighty God that we serve.

Like shattered glass that is beyond repair, I felt like I don`t want to dream again. I mean, I still want to, I still do have dreams, but they are all completely buried in what seems to be a land where nothing ever comes true.


I felt like all my dreams would never come to happen and I somehow accepted that I might as well find a job where I could earn a living even if I don`t really love the craft I`m doing. And I`ve somehow cried deep in my heart, even if there are no tears in my eyes, at the thought that I may never touch my dreams once again. It was like a funeral in itself. It`s like burying who you are and who you ought to become.

But tonight, I will dare to dream again. I will dare to see beyond who I am at the moment, and will press on towards the future, to what`s ahead.


The broken pieces…I will try to pick them up once again. One by one. Even if they hurt my hands as I offer them back to Master who promised that He will prepare a future for me, who plans to give me hope, and to give me life and that I may live it the fullest.

Yes, tonight. I will go back to where I buried my broken dreams. Some of which were broken by others. Some I have buried myself.

And tonight, I will start dreaming and believing again. That nothing is ever impossible with God.


My dreams, every single one them, God can make them happen. He is never changing. He is still same God I believed long ago, the same God who made impossible things happen for me. And He is still the God of the impossible. He is still the God who promised me that I`m gonna reach my dreams—because He is the One who planted them in my heart.


Thank you, Lord. I`m gonna dare to dream again because You are You. I believe in You. I trust You.

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  1. Delight yourself in the LORD and he will give you the desires of your heart. Psalm 37:4

    I believe in dreams! I think they are a small taste of heaven. The beauty, the wonder, the excitement. You keep dreaming! Pray and dream big! Who knows what God has in store for you!

    Please feel free to stop by: Trailing After God



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