Chess Vs. Cathy

2:01 PM

I don`t know how to play chess. The last time I tried learning was when I was in 5th grade, in my Physical Education class where we sometimes do board games. imageBut I was much more interested in Scrabble and I played along with the Scrabble champion in my class during P.E. times and sometimes tried to play chess, but I found it too intimidating. I mean, the King and Queen, and everything seemed to be a little bit scary for me back then.

So I was always amazed with chess champions I often see on TV and there was this anime that I used to watch on QTV about chess tournaments.


And I never thought I`d like playing chess… UNTIL! Drum roll please!  Until this week when I`ve got nothing to do and found out that I have the game on my computer and I decided to give it a try. I remember Nashee telling me not be afraid of making mistakes. No one becomes a pro in a night. She said that when Raymond was teaching me to play chess in her house. By the way, Raymond is very, very good in chess. Who would have thought about that.


So this week, I was on my computer… losing on every chess match I play. Until finally, tonight, I made my first win! Yeah, right up there. I made sure I got a photo of it `cause this really something for me! haha And this is where I came from…


Good thing Papa got home and he was sitting beside me. Moral support. Telling me not to give the last standing pawn on my opponent`s side—the king—an inch to move. And I tell you, having that king cornered was hard! I thought it will be an easy win once I got everything eaten up. ;p

Well, it`s a victory for me, and I should have a little victory party! I shall treat myself now for a calming Chinese tea `cause I`ve eaten up a lot tonight. See yah!

P.S. image Here`s my second win tonight! Yipee! ;))

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