Behind The Scenes

12:33 PM

I`m a fan! I`m really loving her songs. I read from one of the comments on Youtube that Francesca`s songs are honest and I couldn`t agree more with that.  I feel that I can actually relate to her songs. I`m always looking for songs that are “real”…those which speaks the things my heart wants to say.
This song is really speaking what`s in my heart right now. People may think I`m doing well, that everything is really going on smoothly…but like any person, I also have my own struggles and sometimes, they get to me as well. It just proves that no one of us is really ever strong on  our own. We all have failings, we all run out of strength and it`s only God who always pulls us through no matter what. On the outside we may look as if nothing can ever beat us down, but on the inside we are children clinging on to our strong Heavenly Father who has always and will always be fighting for us.
Behind the scenes, we are fragile human beings…but also behind the scenes, God is the strong, all-powerful and ever-loving God who always backs us up. Behind the “behind the scenes”, we have a God actively working and that is a big, big relief.

Francesca Battistelli-Behind The Scenes (Song)

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