Drama Replays, Broken Dreams, and My Big, Big God

Posted on July 1, 2010 by Cathy in , , , , , ,

I wanna stop watching heavy drama now. They always make me sad anyway.image  ;)

I was trying to clean-up old files from my laptop  just now and I saw these old music videos I downloaded from Youtube, music videos from the Korean drama “Winter Sonata”… and I remember 5 years ago when I would sit by our living room at 11 in the morning watching its replays on GMA. I remember dreaming of having to go to Korea on a winter month and doing a drama! Haha But they always make me sad… as always…and I just thought that maybe it`s not so good for me to watch all these super sad dramas again. I mean, at least, I wouldn`t watch replays because they make me think of the past, and thinking about my past is really the thing that makes me so, so sad.

So, you ask what`s in my past that I don`t want to remember? Well, like I told you, I wouldn`t want to think about them again right now so I`m sorry, maybe some other time, when I`ve fully recovered, I would have the chance to share them with you. ;p

But you know, what Paul said in the NT, that we should forget what is behind and move to what`s ahead, that is really making sense to me right now. Everything that has long been gone must be forgotten—our hurts, our frustrations, our broken dreams. What`s important is what`s ahead. God has bigger plans for us and we shouldn`t confine ourselves with what have or haven`t happened in our past.

Everyday, His goodness and kindness is renewed. They are new every morning. And that is itself is a reason for us to look forward, to look on what`s ahead, to keep our eyes towards where God is leading us and stop murmuring or crying on things that have been.

I wouldn`t cry over the time I have lost, or the dreams I had that have been broken. God is preparing for what`s ahead, and surely, something good is going to happen because He is the author, not only of our lives or of our present, but also of our future.

I would have a very good reason to sleep soundly tonight knowing that God holds me and my dreams in His hands.

Goodnight, people! Till next time.


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