No Less Than Prince Charming

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Every girl`s got a crush. Seriously. ;) Now of your a guy, I`m sure you`re now beginning to shake your head  `cause this is real Girl Stuff and if your`re planning to read on, warning right here: Read at your own risk. ;)

Okay. So I`m really crushing on some come cute guy over there… In Seoul, to be exact. And I`m sure, many of you also got a crush on that part of the planet. You know, Yiruma, Lee Seung Gi, Kwon Sang Woo, etc. Well, my crush goes by the name of Lee Seung Hyo. You might find him familiar if you`re watching Queen Seon Deok `cause he`s Yellow Hwarang right there.


So now, you know him? *giggles*

Okay, now enough of that. ;)


So why am I sharing you this?

Well, I know we always have crushes on TV, movies, on the coolest, most awesome singers out there--loving the way they look, the way they smile, speak, and carry themselves. Now, I`m also always having crushes on celebrities. Who wouldn`t like guys who look smart and kind and not to mention, almost perfect?

But as we look on these kind of guys, we must be careful that the image of the guy that we are waiting for had been associated with these celebrities whom we find gorgeous and good-looking. We know that God is preparing a person for us and we are willing to wait but we must also be careful to realize that the person we are waiting for is not Prince Charming. He might not have that perfect toothpaste-commercial smile, he may not be as rich as the Prince of Wales,  or he may not look as dashing as your favorite movie star…but he will surely be the one you`ll love to spend your whole life with.

PHM2TTQQpUVnRN_mAs I grow older, I realize that maybe Prince Charming also has his own flaws. Sure he`s handsome and passionate, kind, loving, and everything pretty. But who knows? What if he doesn`t brush his teeth in the morning or what if he gets irritable when he`s hungry and turns the whole refrigerator upside down? I`m sure Prince Charming sometimes doesn`t look charming. Cinderella might have laughed when food gets stuck between his teeth, or when he loses at tennis every time over the guards. And I`m sure there are many things Prince Charming might have done less like what we thought he would—because the movies and story books only said about his good side.       

enchantedpuboEveryone of us might have somehow related to the princesses of storybooks. Cinderella was poor and she has all these big dreams. Ariel wanted to explore another world and try new things. Snow White was being treated unfairly. They’re ordinary girls who suddenly met this perfect prince along the way and we sometimes wish the same thing would happen to us, don’t we?


But let us not be disillusioned that when God gives us Mr. Right, he will also be Mr. Perfect. And I’m so sorry to tell these young ladies, there will never be a perfect man, and the real-life Prince Charming’s are as real as your dad, your bestfriend, you brother, and your classmate…who are really, really great but sometimes have their own less-than-perfect moments, and who sometimes makes human mistakes.

PH7FkebbUDuzac_mAnd my dear ladies, let me repeat this even though I’m sure you’ve heard this over and over: real love is more than what we see in fairytales. It’s more than just the magical-pixie-dust-moment. Real love is more than being carried on a white horse or being danced with on that sweet elegant ball. Real love doesn’t love only the perfect things of this world. Real love sees more than what’s physical. It sees beyond the pain and hurts that being vulnerable can bring.

Love is patient. Love is kind. It does not envy. It does not boast. It is not self-seeking.

Love will patiently love even if your partner has flaws. Love will forgive and forgive over and over. Love will understand. Love will constantly pray for his beloved and will patiently await as God patiently teaches his partner.

Love doesn’t run after one’s desire. Love isn’t insisting that his partner would change into the guy or girl of dreams. Love gives and love desires the joy of the beloved.

I’ve never really learned so much, honestly. But as much as I am praying for a godly man, I am also praying for God to purify my heart and my love; and that as I wait, I myself would be changed by God into a godly woman.

I will never be perfect and I would also need to be understood. And I’m praying that I, too, when the time comes for me to love, would also learn to accept imperfections and I would also learn to understand..and to be patient as well.

You know, our God is a good God. And He is always sovereign and active. He is intimately acquainted with the things that we do and he loves so much than we could ever imagine. And he works in ways that we never imagined…and it is so comforting to know that even when Prince Charming is still on his learning process, God is changing him and the same way he is changing us too. And we know that his grace is sufficient for everyone of us. So let us not think highly of ourselves that we deserve nothing less than a Prince Charming. But let us be sober and be humble and trust God that whoever it is He gives us, may not be Prince Charming, but will never be less than His perfect will. ;)

Real love, ladies! <3

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  1. True enough, Ate. :) Let's wait for our "princes" according to His will in His right time. Itigil na ang pangrereto sa iba. Hahaha. :)) *hugs!*

  2. I've already found my prince.. he's not perfect, but I perfectly love him:)



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