Mag Cover Disaster

3:02 PM

Lee Seung Hyo32 copy I had nothing to do the yesterday so I tried to come up with something using Photoshop. The other day, I had  just finished the first revision of the church poster and flyer that I was assigned with,     and it seems I had fun making silhouettes of people`s photos. So yesterday, when I saw this picture of Lee Seung Hyo, here`s what I came up with:

Now that was crazy. But haven’t you ever dreamed about starring in a romantic movie with your favorite movie star? Yeah, like highschool! haha (And how I wish I had a prettier picture, `cause that one`s really grainy! Tsk)

And don’t you ever dream of being on the magazine covers?ProfilePicFinal

Okay. The last photos are too much. I tried to upload them on Facebook but kindda disgusting, aren’t they?

Actually, I changed my profile picture using one of these but I uploaded the wrong one--the first edit--and a friend posted a comment on my wall about the editing flaws on the hair, and it was freakin’ embarrassing. haha


Well, I don’t think I’ll ever want to do something like this again. Eeky! Not to mention, immodest. ;(

One thing I learned today: Learn to be content and love yourself just as you are. You may not be a model or a movie star, but you don’t have to Photoshop your face into models’ bodies. We are beautiful the way we are. ;) Always. And I`m laughing while writing that one.

But I might buy a dress like the one above `cause it`s so very pretty and smart. A longer one, by the way. And I MUST exercise! <3  Mom, Ava and I talked about walking all the way to the market every morning at 5.30am and walking back to our house. That`s 2 KM over all, just enough for warm-up, but would be a big change, a good start--with my sedentary lifestyle!

We are supposed to love ourselves for who we are, but that doesn`t mean that we won`t have to take care of ourselves anymore. We are called to take care of our bodies because they are a gift from God, they are beautifully handcrafted by the God of the universe Himself. Exercise, eat the right food, stay away from unhealthy things, keep a fit shape, and wear decent, presentable clothes. You don`t have extravagant. Well, that`s another story right there. But  taking care of oneself--that`s what a modest, godly woman should do. If we are taking care of our character, aren`t we also supposed to take care of our bodies. Both always goes hand in hand.

So having said that, who wants to go with me on a trip to the salon for a haircut? ;) Let`s go, girls!

Before I go, how about a poster with my name on it? Movie Poster

Okay, okay. Enough of this crazy thing. See you soon! ;)

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