Pigs And Pearls

6:47 PM

I was cleaning my dresser the other night and I can’t help but adore that cute little piggy of mine. She really looks good beside that bag of pearls. And I can`t hide my amazement because even though it may sound silly, pigs really do look good in pearls, don`t they?



And for a while I wondered why Jesus told us not to give pearls to our cute little barnyard friends…even though though they would actually look good with them.


“…Don't throw pearls down in front of pigs. They will trample all over them.” Matthew 7:6

This morning I read a devotional about this particular topic and yeah, I have to give up. We may all agree that pearls look good on pigs because we are people and we appreciate beauty. But pigs don`t appreciate it. They don`t even know beauty. They trample on pearls. Even if they`re wearing the most valuable of all pearls in the world, what is that to them? They would still roll over in mud and sooner than you can imagine, those pearls will be gone. Pigs find them useless.


The same thing with real people I guess. Jesus gives us many valuable presents, many responsibilities…He gives us His Word…He gives us His holiness… and all that should be cherished and well taken care of like pearls. But there are some of us who don’t value that. What a tragedy!


And truthfully, I think I act like a pig sometimes. I do roll over on mud with the pearls He gave me. Yikes!


I don`t want to be like a pig who may be wearing something beautiful but is still so unaware. I don`t want to be like a pig who wastes don’t give value to precious treasure.  More so, I don`t want to be like a pig because the Master loves to give pearls to those who would treasure them.


Lord, help me and change me to be holy through and through. Teach me to value your love, your Word, and your salvation like how I should. I desire to be worthy of carrying those pearls for you.

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  1. nice one.. i'm enlightened.. :-) thanks for sharing this.

  2. @cherrey Glad that this was helpful to you cherry! ;)



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