Introducing The Kitties

8:10 PM

Did I already tell you our house is closer and closer to becoming a zoo?

Aside from our two dogs, Twinkle and Star, we`ve also got this little cat. She doesn`t have a name…or maybe I should just ask Viola who loves naming everything—dogs, cats, birds… and she comes up with funny names.


And this morning, she introduced me to the three little kittens the cat recently gave birth to. And I was surprised.


Look at how she named them! intro







And she really had an explanation why she named the kitties as such.


To be honest, I am impressed. She named them opposite of their personalities… like a positive declaration.


I love their names and my funny sister.




Now we`ve got Twinkle, Star, Faith, Hope and Love…

and a nameless cat. I wonder how Viola calls her.

Aaah, that lovely cat who cuddles with the dogs.


Pets are funny—and lovely—after all.


And I think God brought them to our lives to remind us to shine our light, always have faith, never lose hope…


and to always, always show and give LOVE.



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  1. That's so adorable! Quite a meaningful way of naming them..

  2. the kittens are so lovely.

    And I the names sister named for the kittens.

  3. Richard and Cherry! Thank you so much for the sweet comments! ;)



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