365 Days of Love: Love Enables You To Do Even The Impossible!

7:21 PM

Day 3 Today, I couldn’t believe the power of love! I mean, really!

I was having breakfast this morning when Papa pulled out his old suitcase which he’s now using to keep his documents—preaching stuff and other church papers. The things is, Papa forgot the combination to open the lock! He asked me if I remember it since he taught me how to open the suitcase some time ago. I made a guess, but as you expect, the suitcase didn’t open up.


So we were wondering how would Papa ever open his suitcase and get his papers. But before I could even device Plan B, Papa said “I`m giving this to you. Find the combination.”

I was like laughing `cause how would I get the combination? Well, of course, there`s only one way—to try and try until the suitcase finally opens up.

9x9x9=729 729 combinations to try!!! I mean, that would take me a day and my knuckles would all get buffed up pushing the buttons every time I’d enter a new code!

But as crazy as love can get, I decided to get past my calculations and just do what needs to be done.

So dad left for church and I went on with my Korean language practice sessions, and on my break time, I pulled the suitcase and told myself that “Yeah, even if takes a whole day, I’m gonna do this.”IMG_6840

The most amazing thing happened, it didn’t take me an hour. Not 15 minutes. And well, not even 5!!! The suitcase opened up in like three minutes! No, I didn’t shook it neither did I give it a hard blow. God just led me to the right combination and it was really amazing! I never thought it would be that easy! Or maybe it’s really not easy. It was just God’s grace.

I can’t help but be amazed with what God is doing. He honors people’s hearts and when you take the initiative to do something out of love, no matter how impossible it may seem, He will just help you out. He will give you the grace to do it! He made a miracle for me!

You know, I’m so happy with what happened that I even gave Twinkle, our doggie, a massage on the head. And now she’s sleeping right in front of me.

DAY 3: Try to do even the most impossible thing out of love. God will help you! Find a forgotten lock combination and give your dog a massage!

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