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2:51 PM

Just a while ago, my dad saw the Skyflakes commercial featuring Jovit Baldovino and he bursted out that the guy looks like Edison.

That`s the second time I heard that today. Ava and Viola also saw the commercial earlier this morning and they were talking about Edison being teased at school and being called "Kuya Jovit" whenever he passes by.


I wonder why look-a-likes have been a favorite topic of discussion at home and on TV as well. You should have seen this thing on TV called “Ka-Facemuk Mo”. If I`m not mistaken, that`s a segment on Showbiz Central…and although it`s kindda cruel and mean, some of the people featured there really look like some of the celebrities on Philippine TV.

So I`m wondering: Are people really starting to look a lot like each other now? ;p

39347_144314652252904_100000231116894_333457_4099480_sI checked my Facebook this afternoon and Janine posted this picture on my wall and said I look like the girl on the cover. Ava shouted “Whoa! Kamuka mo nga!” when she saw it… and Viola as well.  But both of them said she`s not pretty. Of course, I would disagree `cause they`re talking about a girl who looks a lot like me. haha


And of course, if you have seen my sister Viola`s profile on FB, you should have been familiar with Emily Browning because she always used those as her profile picture. And they really look alike. I mean, REALLY. And even Demi Lovato…she looks like her. I had Demi`s photo mistaken for Viola one time. It was crazy!


So what about you? Who do you think you look alike? ;)

It`s cool that people look like each other, right? But don`t forget that we are all supposed to look like Jesus. You could look like your own favorite star, walk like the model you always watch on the runway, speak like that cool VJ on TV, but at the end of day, all of that wouldn`t matter at all. What matters is how much you look like Jesus. Are you reflecting His glory in everything that you do? Are the words that are coming out of your mouth something that Jesus would also say?

And of course, are you happy with who He has created you to be? You really don`t have to try to look like somebody. We are all created in a unique way, and although some of us might look a bit like each other physically, we are all individually hand-crafted and intricately designed by our Creator.

Anyway, just for fun, here`s some of my friends` and family`s look-a-likes. What do you think?

ava beyonce

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